Autronica Heat Detectors

Autronica offers various Heat Detectors for in a wide range of applications. The Autronica Heat Detectors are available with or without SelfVerify.

Autronica has the following series available:
- 200 series, standard interactive addressable Heat Detectors
- 300 series with SelfVerify, interactive addressable Heat Detectors
- 500 series with SelfVerify, interactive addressable Heat Detectors for use in demanding environments.

Besides the series above, we can also supply older and obsolete Autronica Heat Detectors.

We can supply a wide range of Autronica Heat Detectors, Autronica spare parts and other Autronica equipment such as Input and Output Units and Level Switches worldwide. Due to our worldwide network and large stock, we are able to deliver the equipment in a short period of time against competitive prices.

For more information about a specific Autronica product, please click on the product-links below or contact us for more information.

Autronica Heat Detectors

Autronica Heat Detectors
Article Code Description
BD-25 Heat Detector, 56°C
BD-25T Heat Detector, 56°C
BD-26 Heat Detector, 56°C
BD-26/EX Heat Detector, 56°C
BD-26T Heat Detector, 56°C
BD-27 Heat Detector, 80°C
BD-27/EX Heat Detector, 80°C, explosion-proof
BD-27T Heat Detector 80°C
BD-55/EXD Heat Detector
BD-55/EXDN Heat Detector
BD-200M Heat Detector, 80°C
BD-501 Heat Detector, 80°C
BD-501/EX Heat Detector, 80°C, explosion-proof
BD-501/N Heat Detector, 80°C
BD-505/EXD Heat Detector
BDH-20 Heat Detector, 56°C
BDH-200 Heat Detector, 80°C
BDH-300 Heat Detector, 80°C
BDH-500 Heat Detector, 80°C
BDH-500/EX Heat Detector, 80°C, explosion-proof
BDH-500/EXE Heat Detector, 80°C, explosion-proof
BDH-500/N Heat Detector, 80°C
BE-23 Heat Detector, 160°C
BE-34 Heat Detector, 56ºC
BEH-30 Heat Detector, 56°C
BEH-30/EX Heat Detector, 56ºC, explosion-proof